How to Estimate the True Costs Billing Options to Find Which is Right for Your Agency

These simple calculators will help you compare the costs of hiring an internal biller with hiring an external billing service like BillCare to find which option is best for your agency at this stage of its growth.

Internal Biller
External Biller

Hiring a Biller:
Internal or External?

Behavioral health agencies exist to help people heal, recover, and grow. However, to stay in business (and keep helping patients), every practice has to have an effective billing process.  The basic choice then is whether to do it yourself via an internal biller or an external billing service. Both options can be the right solution for your practice as long as all of the costs and issues of each are clearly understood. 

Deciding whether to hire an internal biller or partner with an external billing service is a big decision but one that has to be made quickly to ensure that revenue isn’t lost. If you’re debating between internal and external billers, consider what it would cost you to do both. 

Key Members of Your Team

One of the keys to becoming a thriving, profitable practice is having the right billing team on your side. Clinics may hire one or more internal billers and keep them on staff or they might choose to hire an external billing service. Both can be great options but you need to choose the one that’s best for your practice’s needs, experience, and expertise to set yourself up for success.

Internal vs External Billing

Before diving into deciding between the two, it’s important to understand more about each option.

Internal Biller

Internal billers are members of your staff. They should be highly experienced billers who can help you navigate not only billing but HIPPA compliance and the complexities of all the insurance companies you work with.

External Billing Service

An external billing service is like any vendor partnership. You pay them to take care of your billing for you and in return, you get access to a team of expert billers who can help you navigate everything from setting up your billing practice to reducing your claims denials.

Whatever option you choose, the key is quality. The person or team you work with must have experience and be able to help you navigate the financial intricacies of behavioral health billing

Estimating the True Costs of an Internal Biller

Internal billing can be a great solution for agencies that have the resources and expertise to support the ongoing costs of staff devoted to billing. A general rule of thumb is that when an agency reaches a certain revenue level, internal billing will be the most cost-effective solution. But determining that level can be different for each agency and may be higher when hidden costs are calculated.

these are the total ongoing costs of hiring one internal biller

these are the total one-time costs of hiring an internal biller

Estimating the True Costs of an External Billing Service

The thought of hiring an external billing service can be intimidating. We know because that’s our business! But going into the process with all the information you can gather will help you discover which service is the best ‘team member’ for your business.

these are the estimated costs of hiring an external biller in Year One 

Wondering about the true costs of billing?

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